Endeavour supports the gastronomic elite. Our aid is granted only to chefs who we believe are tone-setting in the culinary arena, and nurturing a positive approach to food. We are constantly looking for serious participants within the world of cooking, who we can welcome to our team of leading figures that we like to call the ambassadors.

The idea behind Endeavour ambassadors is quite simply, to help professionals who inspire and are innovative withing cooking in their own way, by giving them quality tools they can use and work with in their busy days in the kitchen, thereby determine whether the quality meet our own high standards. Simultaneously, we want to use the carefully selected ambassadors, to help us better the development od Endeavour products through sparring and idea-sharing to reach even more functionally designed tools that give greater joy in everyday cooking everywhere.

We will continously gather the ambassadors to provide input and thereby develop our most advanced Endeavor products so that Endeavour will continue to be used in professional kitchens.