Here at Endeavour, we are both pleased and proud to support Doctors Without Borders (Medicins Sans Frontieres – MSF) all over the world through our products. MSF is a humanitarian organisation which provides medical aid and medicine to victims of conflicts and disasters worldwide. 

Often it is MSF who are deployed to the world’s disaster zones when all others disappear. We are inspired by the way trained doctors and nurses in safe and comfortable positions feel moved to set out and help. We have followed the work of MSF carefully and we feel very sure that theirs is the organisation we wish to support. 

Through the sale of our products we send funds directly to doctors working all over the globe. Every time an Endeavour product is sold, support goes straight to Doctors Without Borders. We consider that it is important to help others and this is one of the ways we can do our bit to contribute.  
We believe in and support these people who undergo such extensive training and then give up a part of their lives to help others – and it is through our support that we too can make a difference. 

Through Endeavour, we strive to expand the support we offer to the fantastic work MSF does for those who are most in need. We are proud to say that we are extremely pleased to be making a difference through our design – worldwide. 

We are Endeavour and we support our doctors.