Alexandra Bækgaard is the head chef at Easy Peacy, which juggles between catering, fashion events, and lunch services. She completed her apprenticeship at Kong Hans Kælder (1 Star Restaurants of The Michelin guide) and has also worked at places like Le Sommelier and Baka D’ Busk.

I grew up on the kitchen table and see food in everything. Food is my ultimate love language - I love as I have been loved myself. Food is both nostalgia and new experiences. I rarely change knives; I got my first Endeavour knife ten years ago - and I still use it. Alongside my parents' ancient ones.

There's something in the handle, a muscle memory that understands where I want to go with a dish. Whether I'm creating an intimate dinner or an event for 300 people, the knife has to keep up, and there is no doubt that Endeavour's knives live up to that.