Rasmus Grønbech started his career in 1990 working through different Michelin restaurants in France and has since then won several cooking contests such as Chef of the Year, Nordic Challenge, Game Chef of the Year and more. As a restaurateur he opened Grønbech and Churchill in Copenhagen in 2011 and was awarded a Michelin Star already in 2012 - which he kept until he closed the restaurant in 2016.

Today Rasmus works as a Gastronomic consultant on projects both domestic and abroad and has written two cook books.

How would you describe your style of cooking? I always search for the best ingredients whether it is meat, fish or poultry and I always take season, freshness, consistency and taste in consideration.

My gastronomic expression originates from both the classical and the subtle. The idea of working with the raw material in its original form and refining this raw material with very few means is and will always be the starting point for my cooking.

Why do you prefer the Endeavour knives? The simple answer; they are “No Bullshit” knives! I like the idea that they are designed by two skilled and active chefs from a professional point of view and that every knife is has its own particular purpose. If you, as I do, enjoy the aesthetics of a simple and clean design – you will love these knives. These are knives that I carry in my “toolbox”.