About us

Endeavour is a design company based in Scandinavia. Our focus is on utensils for the kitchen and gastronomy. We ourselves have a background in professional kitchens of the highest quality. And that is where we channel our energy and knowledge. Into kitchen utensils we can use and rely on.

With Endeavour we have our given ourselves the task to constantly raise the bar for what is technically possible. In relation not only to materials, sustainability and form but also with regards to design. We want to help elevate modern kitchen utensils to give the chefs of the world yet even better opportunities to prepare fantastic dishes.

Our design process begins with a simple hand-drawn sketch before advancing to material selection and finally a design manual.

We take inspiration from the colours and contours of nature – the wildness of art and not least the purity of architecture. 

We strive to set the standard for what makes a good kitchen utensil. Our designs are clean and beautiful – modern and classic – all at the same time. In a single word: timeless. 

Through our dedication, we know where we are going and how we can ensure that Endeavour will remain relevant for modern families and their kitchens. Nikolaj Kirk and Mikkel Maarbjerg – both familiar names within the world of Danish gastronomy – are the creators of the Endeavour range. One of their primary objectives is to ensure that Endeavour utensils fully meet the needs that these two chefs have in their roles as professional cooks. 
At Endeavour, we work closely with some of the most talented chefs and people in the food business. Folk who are both professionally skilled but also curious and willing to pass on their thoughts and wisdom.

They all play a role in ensuring that Endeavour products are both functional and in tune with the times.


Endeavour is based in Copenhagen where the tenets of Scandinavian design and an unwavering demand for quality ensure that the Endeavour range is developed in a spirit of timelessness which ensures that Endeavour products remain among most trusted utensils in the kitchen. Our principle of quality and good design – that is steadfast.