Icelandic born Gunnar Gíslason has garnered international acclaim for his creative style of cooking, his curious nature, a love for reviving traditions, and an eye for finding pristine products that have been applauded by guests and media alike.
Gunnar did live and work in Copenhagen and his cooking is still heavily influenced after working at restaurants such as Christie´s, Saison, Kommandanten and Ensemble.
In 2009, in the midst of the worldwide financial crisis, he opened the restaurant Dill in Reykjavík. His contemporary cooking would celebrate Iceland’s pristine ingredients and artisanal producers, in a place otherwise heavily dependent on food imports. Dill has been nominated for the Nordic Prize and has won Iceland’s “Restaurant of the Year” every year since it opened and in 2017 Dill was awarded a Michelin star.
In 2016 Gunnar moved to New York to open up Agern in company with Claus Meyer. After finding local farmers, forager and fisherman’s and putting together a menu that was definitely very local but made with some Nordic roots Agern was rewarded with a Michelin star in 2016 only 6 months after it opened.

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