Jesper Vile springs from the country side of Jutland. Throughout his childhood, many holidays were spent on he’s grandparents farm. Here all crops for the family grew right outside the door. Jesper was often in the kitchen with his grandma, as she was pickling, curing, cooking or boiling – preserving everything in season for the darker months. This part of life gave him perception of the kitchen as a workplace – a craftmanship that brings together life.

Jesper’s foundation of cooking originates from the Italian way. Where food is characterized by simplicity, big taste and fresh ingredients which stands out on their own. This is where cooking techniques and recipes are inherited down through generations and cooking is a central part of the family life – This is where he fell in love with the art of cooking.

Today Jesper is working as Executive Sous Chef at Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen, here he found great companionship with Peter Nannestad. The vision they share, is to create a great workplace for passionate chefs, raising the bar for hotel restaurants. Delivering a range of opportunities around the clock, bringing the feeling of becoming proud hosts to the hearts of their staff. This requires him to work with everything from taste, sustainability, economy, leadership and motivation.

About Endeavour he says: “With knives it is as with any tool; you can get the ‘full package multitool crap’ that is advertised to make anyone a great chef... Or you can get the simple, great quality knife, dedicated to do one job and nothing else. Endeavour knives are simple, great quality, low maintenance – the best knife in the hands of the best chefs.”