Bo's career has been one big gastronomic journey. Since Bo was trained from Krogh's Fish Restaurant in Copenhagen, Bo sought adventure and challenges in culinary arts in a number of Michelin restaurants, both with 1, 2 and 3 stars in the famous guide.

With Restaurant Paustian as his domain and with the role of chef, Bo won a Michelin star for Paustian, which lasted until he in 2010 set off on new adventures.
We asked Bo, to define his style of cooking - and as is with creative frontrunners, the answer that was given, was in a bigger prospective - an interpretation of the name GEIST (in German: "Spirit"): "GEIST is an eatery where you can relax, let your guard down and enjoy the moment. GEIST is pleasure when we make food from pure ingredients and pure enthusiasm. In an environment that inspires joyful seduction and free thoughts."

Today Bo has opened Bobe, a restaurant located in Gråbrødre square, in the heart of Copenhagen.

What do you like about Endeavour? "I believe that the simpler the better. Less is more, in other words. It is the same with kitchen-tools. The Endavour-tools are definitely not the most expensive tools out there. That makesit all the more impressive, how well they become one with your hands and the things you cook."