Morten has worked on a number of them more prominent restaurants in Denmark. A career that started with an education as a professional waiter and through his stay at Le Sommelier, Babette and Michelin restaurant Ensemble, led him to be both the restaurateur and chef at Ensemble from 2005 through 2009. He has developed meal recipes for the organic company Årstiderne. Today, Morten works with his company – eatyourgreens, and as head chef for The Lab Kitchen.

 If you ask Morten about his personal style of cooking inside, he answers the following: "In my kitchen I put emphasis on sustainability. I shop with local suppliers and use Danish ingredients wherever possible. I love working with fish, seafood and vegetables and I have a strong focus on that each individual commodity speaks for itself - and thereby retain its pure expression."

 Why Morten chooses the Endeavor knife series? "Endeavor is solid craftsmanship, both in the forging of 67 layers of steel and the assembly of the steel and the handle. The blades are easy to keep sharp, and there is a good variety in the series - you get everything from vegetable knife to filleting knife. And I also like that the wrapping so strictly modern."