Elisabeth started as a trainee at Musikkens Spisehus (now Restaurant Fauna) in Aalborg in the spring of 2020. During her student years she participated in and won several student competitions including Young chef, North Jutland Championship and DM in Skills. After graduating she started as a dessert chef at Svinkløv Badehotel, where the menu, and thus also the desserts change every day and in line with the seasons. After 3 seasons as dessert chef, she has now returned for her 4th season at Svinkløv Badehotel, but this time in a new role as Sous Chef for the sweet department, where she develops cakes and desserts among other things. In addition, she has also won the venison dish of the year, and entered Sol over Gudhjem's dessert competition. Competitions mean a lot to Elisabeth and it was as Commis, for the Danish Bocuse d'Or team, that she won gold at both the unofficial EC (2022) and WC (2023) for chefs.

Why has Elisabeth chosen the Endeavour knife series ? For me it is very important that my knives are made to be used every and have minimal maintenance. The knives allow me to be creative with their different functions, something that I really appreciate. At the same time the Endeavour knives stay sharp and the handles are very comfortable. You can tell that these are quality knives that are intended for professional use. Personally, I love the fruit knife (or "the little fast one", as I call it) which is a good versatile knife that I use daily.