Morten, a trained chef from Henne Kirkeby Kro, has gained his experience from renowned kitchens including AOC, Noma, and Kadeau. He has also showcased his culinary skills in competitions such as Sol over Gudhjem and Bocuse d'Or, earning him the title of Chef of the Year.

In 2020, with the approval of Vivi Schou, Morten and Christian Wellendorf assumed the name "Babette," inspired by the restaurant in Vordingborg. They now uphold the restaurant's essence and heritage by organizing bespoke events in private residences, unique venues, and their own establishment. "Babette" acts as a refined dining concierge on a personal level. “Our aspiration was to craft an exclusive and intimate dining encounter, driven by the desire for more direct guest interaction. Babette is a direct reflection, of how we want our private guests to feel when they are dining in our homes.  We dedicate substantial effort to cultivating an inviting ambiance and, notably, a menu that caters to all gathered at the table.

Why did Morten choose the Endeavour knife series?

"As a culinary student, I often wished for a versatile kitchen knife that could tackle a range of tasks. Now, I simply desire a single knife that can handle all requirements. The most important thing for me is low maintenance, which the Endeavour knives fulfill perfectly. The blades don't rust, so I'm spared the need to constantly wipe them after use. They maintain their sharpness exceptionally well and remain sharp.

Moreover, the Endeavour knives boast an excellent grip and stability in the hand, crucial attributes given my frequent travels with 'Babette'."