Lasse and Bo joined forces around their pots and pans in 2009.
They run the conceptual food-bureau "I'm a KOMBO" where the rules of the table are broken.
Lasse has previously worked the Danish tapas-institution ‘Extra’, where he as very young chef became responsible for the kitchen. Later he was awarded a Michelin-star at ‘Kokkeriet’. Bo’s career took a different path. After his apprenticeship, he went his own way and was one of the people behind ‘Madeleines Madteater’.

If you ask Lasse and Bo about their personal style in cooking, they will reply:
"We want to cook ‘out of the box’. The level of gourmet food is becoming so high that there is room for innovation. We use many creative surfaces in our everyday lives. For us, good taste and service is no longer enough, however, it remains essential. A "KOMBO" of precisely this experience and is the future!"

Why do Lasse Bo choose to use the Endeavour knife series?
"We believe that the knives are made by skilled craftsmen throughout and this is reflected in the series. Furthermore, emphasis has been placed on the aesthetic. It both looks and is a super knife. This makes the Endeavour knives attractive to work with."