Endeavour is also the name of the ship under the command of James Cook, the eighteenth century English explorer. Originally a coal vessel, the Endeavor was rebuilt and served Cook’s campaigns to explore the unexplored lands of Hawaii, Australia and New Zeeland.

In addition to his expeditions, James Cook is renowned for his kindness, which may be a reflection of the concern he showed for his crew. Unlike other explorers of the time, James Cook was very aware of the important link between nutrition and health. Scurvy, a deadly disease caused by the lack of vitamin C, was a common cause of death at sea. Fruits and vegetables, both a good source of Vitamin C, were not a part of the standard maritime diet, which usually consisted of salted pork and dried biscuits, accompanied by lots of rum. Cook insisted on a nutritional diet, consisting of fresh meats and sour cabbage, ensuring the Endeavour steered clear of the deadly scurvy.