When spring arrives, the Scandinavian landscape springs into life with many fresh and crunchy herbs. Small shoots that bring great richness to our kitchens.

We have just shaken off the worst of the winter frost and said hello to the warm sun of spring when suddenly they appear together with migratory birds from the south. Our forests, clearings and marshes burst into life once more.

Out here you will find the wild herbs so often lauded by chefs and cooks in northerly climes.

Back to nature goes their call! We want to get out again, feel the cold on our cheeks and enjoy the bright spring sun and the aromas of nature.

Endeavour Herb is a small and functional paring knife with a thin blade for picking and cutting herbs. The perfect tool for preparing the fruits of your foraging.

It is made of Japanese Damascus steel with a handle of FSC-certified Pakka wood. The knife’s design is both classic and stylish. But its aesthetic speaks to a modern life.

One of the most commonly used wild herbs in Scandinavia is ramsons or wild garlic. It is mild yet boasts great depth and so should always be used with heedfulness. You can find it in clearings with its mild scent of garlic and if you pick them carefully you will take up the little bulb as well. Both the leaves and the bulbs taste excellent in cooking.

Use a small knife to release the bulb from its roots and to snip away each leaf so the tough stem can be removed. Wild garlic goes great in pasta dishes and with fish and poultry, and it can be used as a substitute for basil in a pesto.

What it comes down to in reality is experimenting and getting creative in the kitchen – finding your own way to express yourself through food. The same is true no matter whether it’s nettles, chickweed or wild garlic you’re cooking with. In Scandinavia we have a long-standing tradition of using these herbs and plants in our cooking. And sure they fell out of fashion for a while, but thanks to the New Nordic culinary movement, they are once more pervasive on plates across Scandinavia.

It is said that good knives are easier and more enjoyable to wield in the kitchen. One thing we know for sure is that it’s important to use the right knife for the right job.

A large chef’s knife is not ideal for snipping herbs or preparing small and crunchy roots. This takes a solid, sharp and robust paring knife. 

Endeavour Herb offers all this – it is an expression of who we are. From its design and materials through to its final form. Herb is both original and a true workhorse in the kitchen.

As the cold ebbs away and Jack Frost once more rides off for another year, those of us who live in northerly climes come out into the spring sun to begin our annual foraging.

We understand nature – we love it and we use it in our dishes. We have always done so and we will continue to do so. 

Herb is not just a knife – it is a knife which welcomes in the spring and unleashes the scent of wild herbs in your kitchen. Wild, green and modern all at once.