Fish and shellfish are fantastic resources. But they are best when fresh and especially when they come straight from the fishers at the port.

The fruits of the sea are not only good for us, but they can be used to create exceptional experiences in our cuisine. Fishing has long since been a part of life in Scandinavia and this is clear to see at the many small harbours along our coasts. Boats come in with their bounty while others sail off in the hopes of landing a huge catch.

Ropes, nets and buoys with flags. A world of bustle and life which delivers raw ingredients back to us who love nothing more than preparing beautiful dishes. 

That’s why it’s important that we have the right tools in our kitchens for all sorts of different tasks.

A thin filleting knife is and remains the best utensil for preparing fillets of fish.

Just as the fishers get up early to pack their boats and sail out onto the great big blue, the kitchen too must be a type of workshop equipped with all the right tools. This eases workflow and yields bigger and better results. Good tools create more greater joy in the kitchen.

A good filleting knife has a good grip and a blade which ensures that the cut runs along the bone so that none of that delicate meat goes to waste.

Naturally it has to be sharp since fish meat is extremely sensitive and can be easily damaged. Endeavour’s Little Fish is made of fully forged MoV steel. MoV stands for Molybdenum Vanadium which is an alloy that provides strength and makes the steel both stainless and durable. The flexibility of the steel makes Little Fish a fantastic boning and filleting knife which is extremely easy to maintain.

We have an incredible fondness for the sea, perhaps because we come from Denmark which has over 7000 kilometres of coastline. Every Dane has spent both summer and winter days by the water. We love its big waves, the salt air and the impressive sight of our mighty seas. We were quite simply raised with the wind in our hair and salt water in our veins. 

Fish and seafood bring so much to our cuisine. Freshness, mild flavours and depth. All components of a fantastic meal and elements which help to keep our everyday cooking rich and varied. Just imagine the aroma of grilled lobster, the sweetness of freshly peeled prawns or turbot frying in butter on the pan. 

Fish and seafood can be eaten in a myriad of ways. Grilled, boiled, salted or simply raw – fresh and elegant. What matters most is that the ingredients are fresh when we prepare them in our kitchens. 

Our two filleting knives, Little Fish and Big Fish, are both designed to help you get the absolute best out of the fish and seafood you prepare in your kitchen. They feature a timeless design in stainless steel that will serve you well for many years to come. They are both tools which serve their purpose and boast a design and material choice that stand for quality and elegance. They are beautiful yet built to be used. 

There are countless varieties of fish and seafood out there – the one thing they all have in common is the water. No matter whether they are caught in rivers, lakes or the sea, they enrich our kitchens and they inspire us to create even better dishes.

Freshness is the way forward and we relish the catch of fishers working in all the small harbours that surround us. Delicacies straight from their boats to our kitchens.

The sea is a resource – a pantry which we must cherish and care for. It is important that we support small-scale fishers as it is them and their work who shall ensure the wellbeing of our fish and our seas both today and for generations to come. 

Little Fish and Big Fish are not just for show. They are made to elevate your kitchen.