Leather is a resource that humankind has used practically since we first began to hunt and to cultivate the land. A natural resource and a material that can be shaped as desired and which only grows more beautiful with age.

We select the best Scandinavian Aniline Leather which is kept entirely free from additives during processing. This is because we consider it important for the product we use to be as natural as possible.

It has been a long-standing desire of ours for Endeavour to design a leather apron. One which is at once natural, stylish and rooted in the landscapes of Scandinavia. That is what prompted us to begin exploring the possibilities.

Our leather is processed in Denmark. We use old stamping instruments and modern machines which help us to cut and to create precise details on our robust and sturdy leather. We chose an old-fashioned leather workshop which has been working with leather as a material for almost 100 years. 
With their history behind us and their knowledge of the possibilities, we got started on creating Endeavour’s utterly unique leather aprons. 

The leather we use comes from free-range cattle who live outdoors and graze on natural pastures. Each piece of leather has its own story to tell – its own expression and its own style – and this is what gives our leather aprons their raw appearance.

The Endeavour Leather Apron is both simple and features raw details. Our aim was to make something as pure in its design as possible. Out with cumbersome buckles and in with stylish and practical solutions.

The adjustable straps are also made from soft leather and easily tie behind the back for an understated and raw look. Each apron also features a front pocket which can be used for the storage of smaller utensils as you cook.

We have a great fondness for old leather factories. They tell a story – the smell of the raw leather, the grease, the oil and everything else combines to send you on a journey back in time. There are many imitations of genuine leather but none come close to the real thing in our opinion.

Leather begins as something hard and stiff. But with use it gradually becomes softer and more elegant in its colouration. Small marks develop into a graphic pattern and create a patina yet still with a stylish look

Wearing a leather apron won’t transform you into a master chef, but it signals to your guests that you take food seriously. And that what they’re about to eat is going to taste good. It communicates a state of mind.

The design and concept behind our Endeavour Leather Apron represent a long journey of development. Our view from the beginning was that by choosing a Danish producer, we could be sure to drive forward the right dialogue at all times in relation to quality, our iconic design and to the local origin of our product. 

“And it doesn’t hurt that every now and again we get to drop by the leather workshop and take in that smell of the raw materials.”

Our leather aprons may not have been on this earth for 90 years. But our production site has been. And that is something we’re really quite proud of. This history speaks to a product which can be used repeatedly and which only becomes more beautiful with age.

Endeavour has leather aprons in two simple colours – light and dark. They must be seen and tried – for us, we will never do without them again.