Black Knifeholder.

699,95 kr

This iconic design provides extraordinary flexibility as the knives can be placed according to preference and size. The knife holder ensures that kitchen knives are within reach when you are cooking. Made of bamboo, the knife holder is 100% biodegradable and cultivated with great consideration for the environment. Bamboo matches both oak and maple in strength and hardness but weighs only half as much as oak, making it a great choice, also due to its beautiful natural structure.

The insert can be easily removed from the knife holder and rinsed/washed under running water, after which it can air-dry, maintaining good hygiene. The knife holder is for kitchens that aim to showcase their culinary craftsmanship. 

Color: Night Black.  


Outer diameter : 15 cm
Inner diameter: 12 cm
Height: 26 cm
Cup: Bamboo
Content: Plastic sticks
ArtikelNo: 4021


Constructed from 100% bamboo, the Endeavour Knife Holder is extraordinary flexible, a plus for every creative chef. The simple design lets you easily store any combination of knives.
As with anything placed in a kitchen, your Endeavour Knife Holder will be exposed to dust and grease — that’s why we’ve made it easy to clean both the cup and the contents. The plastic sticks can be removed for easy cleaning.

100% biodegradable. The bamboo used in all Endeavor products has been grown with great regard towards the environment, without the use of chemicals or growth enhancers.