FSC®: SCS-COC-005763-BG FSC 100%

Wood fibre is a relatively new material for kitchen utensils.

But it has been used worldwide in everything from insulation to furniture design and not least skateboard ramps.

Wood fibre has been used industrially for more than 70 years with young American skateboarders discovering early on that it was a natural choice of material for their skateboard ramps. 

Pressed wood fibres are durable and can withstand heat, cold and damp – a success story was born.

With this material in mind, Endeavour began its journey towards a new range of kitchen utensils. We wanted to create a range of chopping boards that would be both aesthetic and practical in our busy everyday lives which are about much more than simply preparing food.

Wood fibre can withstand most things no matter whether you are working in a professional or a private kitchen where it is easiest just to put things in the dishwasher.

The boards keep their shape and do not split.

But without compromising on the same core properties that you know and expect from other chopping boards! They are naturally anti-bacterial and can withstand warm objects – up to a temperature of 176°.

Our wood fibre comes from FSC-certified recyclable paper materials and the chopping boards are all available in either the colour Night Black or Brown Forest.

We make use of technical advances and explore different materials – wood fibre enables us to design unique tools with fine details and functionality placed front and centre. The fact the material is also sustainable is the icing on the cake.

From recycled paper to a modern, raw and simple chopping board – that is what we consider good design.