Do as Pro chefs do. Take control of your cooking.

Do as Pro chefs do. Take control of your cooking.

So strong. So unique. So much next generation.

The ceramic frying pan ensures a fantastic sear on vegetables, fish, and meat. They are easy to maintain because they don't rust like regular iron pans. Professional chefs prefer ceramic pans due to their rapid heat control and perfect results, even when dealing with challenging ingredients like skin-on fish, which often sticks to iron pans but not to ceramic.

These ceramic frying pans are crafted from the most resilient materials and have been developed by top chefs and rigorously tested for superb performance.

Here are five reasons to choose a ceramic frying pan:

1. Excellent non-stick properties - free from PFAS.

The modern ceramic pan is designed to provide rapid and even heating across the entire surface, ensuring a fantastic sear even on the most challenging ingredients.

Ceramic pans are non-stick, making it easy to cook skin-on fish and giving you the best of both non-stick and regular iron pans. Additionally, they are free from all PFAS substances, allowing you to cook without worries for yourself or the environment.

2. Ceramic is designed for cooking.

Ceramic pans offer numerous advantages, with the most important being their ability to produce excellent searing. Steaks caramelize beautifully and acquire a perfect sear thanks to the way the pan heats up.

The ceramic surface has properties that absorb heat quickly and retain it throughout the cooking process, which is crucial for achieving a perfect sear.

3. Suitable for all heat sources in the kitchen.

A ceramic frying pan is incredibly versatile and works on induction stovetops, electric stovetops, and gas burners. It can even be used in the oven.

With a ceramic frying pan, you get a pan that matches the stovetop or range you already use. For example, you can sear a ribeye steak on the pan and then place the entire pan in the oven to finish the cooking process.

4. Easy to clean and rust-free.

Ceramic pans do not rust, and you can avoid the hassle of maintaining them with oil and other methods, as is necessary for iron pans. Ceramic pans are so durable that they can even go in the dishwasher.

However, we recommend washing them by hand, as this will extend their durability – which incidentally applies to all pans with ceramic coating. So, whether you're working in a busy professional kitchen or just cooking at home (between meetings, lectures, and emails), you won't have to worry about maintenance.

5. StayCool effect.

The handle is made of solid stainless steel, providing a secure and comfortable grip.

Due to the construction, you'll experience a StayCool effect, ensuring it doesn't get hot even during intense cooking.

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