Get Sharper Knives – How a Ceramic Honing Rod Works:

Get Sharper Knives – How a Ceramic Honing Rod Works:

Using a ceramic honing rod:

The ceramic honing rod straightens the edge of your knife, keeping it sharp for a long time. The primary purpose is not to sharpen the knife but to realign the microscopic burrs that occur when using a knife. 

Note that hard Damascus knives always need to be honed with a CERAMIC honing rod as they are harder than the steel itself, which is necessary to maintain them. A regular honing steel can be used for other, softer knives.

Follow our guide and use the honing rod diligently, as professional chefs do.

Before you start using using this fantastic tool, there are some simple things you should be aware of. 

The hard ceramic honing rod has a large round sharpening surface and an ergonomic handle that ensures stability during use. As mentioned, the honing rod is made of ceramic, which has a mild sharpening effect on your knife. At the same time, it protects the blade and ensures that your knives stay sharp for a long time. 

Learn more about ceramic Honing Rod. 

Break-resistant, solid ceramic core rod.

The ceramic sharpener is made for knives constructed of Damascus steel and works by gently abrading the edge of the blade.

Removable silicone guard ring.

The ceramic sharpening rod has a removable silicone guard ring that provides protection for either hand or tabletop.

An ergonomic handle with a hanging cord.  

The yellow cord makes it easy to have your honing rod at hand as it can hang freely.

How to use a ceramic honing rod:

Draw the knife evenly towards yourself, edge-first, at an angle between the honing rod and the knife of about 20-25 degrees. Alternate sides after each stroke and maintain a pace where the angle is precisely kept. Hone the knife 6-8 times on each side, and it is ready for use. Another option, if you do not want to hone towards yourself, is to move the rubber ring at the top of the handle and place it on a tabletop. Then insert the ceramic rod into it, and now you can draw the knife from the handle down towards the rubber ring without risking self-injury."

We recommend using your ceramic honing rod every time you use your knives to ensure they maintain their incredible sharpness.

You will likely find that it takes a lot of practice to sharpen your knives correctly on a sharpening stone. You need to switch between a coarse stone for sharpening and a polishing stone. It requires a lot of practice and care not to damage the knives. Therefore, we recommend that if you are not a professional or do not wish to delve into knife sharpening, you occasionally have your knives sharpened by a professional knife sharpener.

A honing rod is used to maintain the edge so the knife's blade is not damaged. If you use the honing rod regularly, you keep the edge fresh and the blade sharp. This applies to all knives, both our Damascus knives and those made of German MoV steel.

Storage of a ceramic honing rod.

It is important to take good care of your honing rod as it helps keep your knives sharp. The honing rod is made of ceramic, and there is a risk of damage if it is stored loosely in a drawer. Therefore, the honing rod can easily be hung with by the cord or stored in a place where it is easily accessible and cannot bump into other kitchen utensils.

Professional chefs take as good care of their honing rod as they do of their knives – it is an essential tool in the kitchen.

5 reasons to consider our ceramic honing rod:

1. Get Sharper Knives.

A ceramic honing rod straightens the edge of even the hardest types of steel, such as Damascus knives. Where a regular iron honing rod cannot handle the task, the ceramic honing rod is optimal for all types of kitchen knives.

2. The ergonomic handle.

The ergonomic handle ensures stability so you can maintain the correct angle and thus get sharper knives.

3. Hang freely.

The yellow cord makes it easy to have your honing rod at hand as it can hang freely. The honing rod should be used frequently for sustained sharpness.

4. Removable rubber ring.

The removable rubber ring can be moved so you do not have to hone towards yourself but can place the rod on a tabletop.

5. Easily cleaned.

The ceramic honing rod is made of materials that can be easily cleaned, ensuring good hygiene.

Keep your blade sharp.

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