Small Skillet

599,95 kr
The skillet, essential pan for every home, featuring a long-lasting surface and spacious cooking area. Perfect for delicate foods that easily stick. 

Handle: Stainless Steel
Inner diameter: Diameter: 24 cm
Materials: Aluminum, three-layer reinforced non-stick coating
ArtikelNo: 4039


Small Skillet 24 cm.
Small Skillet is good for those small jobs. The design is clean and simple. It heats up almost instantly and food doesn’t stick when stirring or turning – and it is also remarkably easy to clean. Small Skillet is the ideal pan if you want to serve a culinary delight.
Endeavour Pans are fantastic!
The Small Skillet has a hardened three-layer coating – the strongest quality within non-stick pans – and a sandwich structure, which ensures quick and effective heat distribution across the entire pan, without compromising the pan’s robustness.
The bottom is made of durable aluminum and stainless steel, making it usable on all heat sources. Food will not stick to the surface of the pan thanks to the 3-layer coating, so you can expect the best results when frying.
As long as you use an induction stove or a hotplate, the stainless-steel handle will never get so hot as to require oven mitts.
The pan is ovenproof up to 240°C.