Press grey.

249,95 kr

The classic citrus press has been updated with a modern twist, while respecting its history. The design is inspired by an old-fashioned newspaper boat but made slimmer and stylishly iconic.

The citrus press is divided into two parts, with the bottom being flat and ensuring freshly squeezed juice without any pits or seeds. The top features grooves and a mesh that collects stones and seeds when the citrus fruit is pressed against it.

The citrus press is made of PLA (PolyLacticAcid), a 100% biodegradable plastic derived from plants and resin, possessing the same properties as conventional plastic. The design is intended to allow juice to flow easily while sorting out the seeds at the top.


Engineered for top results. Get the highlights.

  • Two-part citrus press, where the bottom is flat and ensures the freshly squeezed juice, completely without stones or seeds.
  • Produced in PLA. Biodegradable plastic, created from plants and resin.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Press is created in Cool Gray color and is a classic kitchen utensil. Designed by Endeavour, and safeguarded against copies. 


Length: 18 cm.
Height: 8,6 cm.
Materials: PLA bioplastic.
ArtikelNo: 4036.
Color: Cool Gray.


The Endeavour Press citrus juicer is designed to be used in the kitchen. The citrus juicer is manufactured from PLA (PolyLacticAcid), a 100% biologically degradable plastic that is derived from plants and resin, but with the same qualities as conventional plastic.

Endeavour Press allows you to squeeze citrus
fruits quickly and easily. It is easy to clean and
dishwasher-safe. We believe that great design creates superb experiences in the kitchen.