Master bowl - 2,5L & 3L set

299,95 kr
For mixing together salad dressings, spice rubs, marinades, sauces, and even for storing leftovers, a set of high-quality mixing bowls is a must.   

Length: 25 - 26,5 cm
Height: 12,5 - 13 cm
Materials: PLA bioplastic
ArtikelNo: 4035
Include: 2,5 and 3 liter (set of 2 bowls)


The Endeavour MASTER BOWL is designed
to be used in the kitchen. The bowls are manufactured
from PLA (PolyLacticAcid), a 100%
biologically degradable plastic derived from
plants and resin, but with the same qualities
as conventional plastic.
You can mix ingredients together with style;
the elegant spout on the MASTER BOWL
makes it easy to pour into a serving dish
without any spillages.
This set comprises two bowls for the biggest
tasks — one can hold up to 2.5 litres and the
other 3 litres. They are easy to clean and are
both microwave and dishwasher-safe.