Leather Apron chocolate.

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The apron is handmade and crafted in Denmark using premium Scandinavian aniline leather. With over 90 years of experience in leatherwork, our workshop ensures every detail is elegantly executed, guaranteeing high quality. Traditional tools and modern machinery have been employed to cut and produce precise details in our durable and beautiful leather.

Our leather comes from freely grazing Scandinavian cattle exposed to the elements. Each piece of leather has its own story to tell—its unique expression and style. It's this distinctive character that gives our leather aprons their beautiful appearance. The apron features adjustable straps made of soft leather that easily tie at the back, creating a discreet and rugged look. Additionally, the apron is equipped with a front pocket for storing small tools.

We recommend the following care: Leather gradually softens over time, developing a more elegant hue with use. Small marks form a graphic pattern, creating a patina on the leather. Over time, it's advised to clean the leather with a damp cloth, dry it thoroughly, and then apply leather balm to maintain the apron's freshness and protect the leather from drying out.

Engineered for top results. Get the highlights.

Produced in Denmark.
Vegetable-tanned in strong quality, from free-ranging Scandinavian cattle.
Handmade leather apron in 100% Aniline Leather.
Extremely soft quality, that molds to the body.

Color: Chocolate.



Length: 80 cm x 60 cm
Materials: Scandinavian Anilin Leather
ArtikelNo: 4064
Origin: Made in Denmark
Color : Chocolate


Endeavor Leather Apron - handmade in Denmark from Scandinavian aniline leather.
In addition to being a stunning apron in a simple and elegant design, attention has been paid to the details.
The soft straps are easily adjusted at the neck by tying a knot where you want the length -and at the waist, the straps in the same soft leather, are long enough, that you can choose to tie them in front or behind – this way the apron fits everyone. In addition, it has a practical pocket for a phone, notes or..
Good leather comes from happy cows! And our leather comes from free-ranging Scandinavian cattle, which are exposed to wind and weather, which makes each apron unique. We do not want any chemicals in our food or in our leather - therefore it is vegetable tanned, better for you and better for the environment.
The sewing studio in Southern Jutland has been working with leather since 1929 and this experience is evident in the beautiful craftsmanship and the pride that is placed in each individual apron.
More than 90 years of experience is undeniable.
With regular use, you will over time create a patina and a soft shine, on the leather surface, as it is a natural product that ages naturally.
Leather is a living natural material and will change over time - but only for the more beautiful - and last a lifetime.

Leather type
Aniline leather is the type of leather that comes closest to the "raw" natural leather. As this type of leather has no real surface protection and therefore there is no possibility to hide any "defects" in the finished leather, skins of high sorting are used for this type of leather. It is a requirement that the skins must have only minor damage or natural scars, in order not to be sorted out.