C Fork Discovery Pro.

499,95 kr

The C Fork form Endeavour series is a practical addition to your kitchen. The particularly sharp tines ensure maximum precision and penetrate the meat easily and prevent bleeding. With this tool, you can hold meat while cutting.

C Fork is made of SS 430 STAINLESS STEEL. SS430 stainless steel is often used for kitchen products due to its high corrosion resistance. 

Handle: The FSC-certified Pakka wood makes a significant difference as it's resistant to heat and distortion. Pakka wood is water-resistant, providing stable control over the fork. It consists of compressed wood fibers treated with resin. The handle is ergonomically designed, ensuring a comfortable grip.

We recommend: Hand washing this C Fork since it's crafted from the finest SS430 stainless steel. Proper storage and occasional oiling of the handle are advisable.

Discovery Pro Knife Series: High-quality steel combined with exceptional craftsmanship and uncompromising technology results in the Discovery series' ultra-sharp knives with thoughtful, functional designs. Elevate your culinary experience with knives built to last. 


SS430 stainless steel is often used for kitchen products due to its high corrosion resistance. Its excellent acid resistance makes it particularly suitable in the kitchen.
Length: 16 cm
Handle: Pakka-Wood
ArtikelNo: 4019
SCS-COC-005763-BG FSC 100%


The Endeavour carving fork is fully forged for optimal use. It is effective in the kitchen, feels great in your hand, and with its precise design, it makes carving a breeze. Use C Fork to move the meat from the pot to the oven and to turn it while roasting. Classic design – made to be used.