Meat Discovery Pro.

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The knife is designed to cut meat or poultry. Its long, slender blade makes it easy to remove tendons or fat from the meat. The blade is stable, allowing full strength while trimming pieces of meat. With its slim tip, the knife can precisely get under tendons and thereby release the tender meat.

Steel: The knife is made from the finest Japanese VG10 steel. VG10 is developed and crafted by Takefu Special Steel Co. in Echizen, Japan. The VG10 name may only be used when produced by Takefu Special Steel Co. in Japan. VG10 adds strength and power to this knife due to its exceptional raw strength.

Construction: The knife is hand-ground and polished to achieve ultimate sharpness. It's forged in 67 layers, with 33 layers on each side of the core steel. The steel is hardened at over 1000 degrees and then cooled to below -180 degrees. This process ensures the steel's hardness at 60-61 HRC and contributes to the knife's lightness, strength, and incredible sharpness.

Handle: The FSC-certified Pakka wood makes a significant difference as it's resistant to heat and distortion. Pakka wood is water-resistant, providing stable control over the knife. It consists of compressed wood fibers treated with resin. The handle is ergonomically designed, ensuring a comfortable grip.

We recommend: Hand washing this knife since it's crafted from the finest VG10 Japanese steel. Use a ceramic honing rod frequently to maintain sharpness. Proper storage and occasional oiling of the handle are advisable.

Discovery Pro Knife Series: High-quality steel combined with exceptional craftsmanship and uncompromising technology results in the Discovery series' ultra-sharp knives with thoughtful, functional designs. Elevate your culinary experience with knives built to last.  


Length: 20 cm
Blade: Damascus steel 59-60 HRC*
Handle: Pakka-wood
Material: Japanese VG10 Steel. VG10 steel is often referred to as Japanese "gold" steel and is a highly alloyed steel which, due to its material content is incredibly durable. VG10 is developed and produced by Takefu Special Steel Co. in Echizen, Japan. By global standards, Takefu Special Steel Co. is a small, family-run steel producer recognized worldwide for their exceptional quality. VG10 is used in 60-70% of all Japanese-produced kitchen knives!
The name VG10 may only be used when produced by Takefu Special Steel Co. in Japan.
ArtikelNo: 4006
SCS-COC-005763-BG FSC 100%


The slim blade of the knife gives the possibility of cutting meat from the bone or if raw or cooked meat needs to be cut into thin strips. It is important to keep the knife sharp; so remember to use a sharpening steel rod every time you use the small chef’s knife.

Damascus steel
Endeavour [en-de-var] means “to strive”. The professional chef’s knives in the Endeavour range are made of Damascus steel. The middle of the blade’s cutting edge, made of Japanese VG10 steel, is enveloped by 33 layers of beautifully forged steel on each side. This method of manufacturing gives the Endeavour knives their characteristic appearance and makes them extremely sharp and durable. The Damascus forging technique was widespread during the Samurai days of glory when the sword makers from Seki achieved a legendary reputation for their Damascus swords. Technically, the Japanese masters leaned on a forging tradition that is alleged to come from Damascus. Hence, the name Damascus steel.
* The hardness of steel is measured in the Rockwell-scale. It is measured by pressing a standardized diamond cone into the steel, to a certain depth. The acquired force used is used to calculate the value on the Rockwell-scale. The harder the steel — the higher the score on the scale.
Most knives register a hardness of 51-53 HRC