Big Fish Discovery Pro.

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The knife's long, narrow blade is flexible, making it easier to fillet larger fish. It's also used to cut under the skin and around the bones of the fish. Big Fish is not only suitable for slicing smoked or cured salmon but also large hams.

Steel: The knife is made of German MoV stainless steel. Molybdenum Vanadium steel is known for its high corrosion resistance and strength. The properties of the steel enable knives that are incredibly light yet incredibly sharp. German MoV stainless steel is both durable and functional, contributing to the creation of a stable knife.

Construction: The knife is crafted with modern technology and high precision, hand-ground and polished to a matte finish. The hardness of the German MoV stainless steel ranges between HRC 55-57. The materials used for this knife are lightweight, ensuring a modern tool that more and more people are striving for.

We recommend: Hand washing this knife since it's crafted from the finest German MoV steel. Use a ceramic honing rod frequently to maintain sharpness. Proper storage and occasional oiling of the handle are advisable.

Discovery Pro Knife Series: High-quality steel combined with exceptional craftsmanship and uncompromising technology results in the Discovery series' ultra-sharp knives with thoughtful, functional designs. Elevate your culinary experience with knives built to last.


Blade: German Mov stainless steel RC 55-57. Molybdenum Vandium steel, MoV for short, is known for its high corrosion resistance and strength.
Developed and produced in Germany, it is a steel type that is well suited for kitchen tools and is used by most major knife manufacturers.
Knives with MoV blades are considered workhorses in the kitchen as, even given their hardness, are easy to maintain, incredibly durable and resistant to rust, acid and other things you will encounter in a kitchen.
Length: 31 cm
Handle: Pakka-wood
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SCS-COC-005763-BG FSC 100%


This knife is specially shaped to fillet large fish and to cut perfect thin slices from different produce.
The flexible blade, made of MoV steel, is particularly suitable for precisely these tasks due to its flexibility and light expression.
Big Fish is made of fully forged MoV steel; Mov stands for Molybdenum Vanadium an alloy which provides strength, makes the steel stainless and durable. The steel makes Big Fish a great filleting knife, because of its flexibility and is extremely easy to maintain and keep sharp.
The MOV steel is processed in Japan from great tradition and is a blend of German and Japanese steel.